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Ppppppickup a Google Penguin!

20120428-081607.jpgAs a kid i would visit my grandparents and every week be given a pack of Penguin biscuits so when I heard about Google’s latest webspam algorithm update being called ‘Penguin’ I thought ‘penguin’ seriously?

The SEO world can be a quirky lot at the best of times so I thought this was a bit of a laugh, but no its real. Essentially the new penguin update announced by Google is another step to reward high quality sites, this update will reduce we spam and promote high quality sites. So what tactics will Google Be identifying for this latest update?

Blackhat seo techniques that I thought were a thing of the past such as keyword stuffing, link schemes, irregular link patterns and really bad spun content. As always the Panda will be lurking to check over a sites content so the 2 updates are succinct with each other. Google want white hat seo’s to focus on and I quote:

be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites

This goes without saying and seo’s that work in this way should see no impact on results as around 3.1% of search queries will be affected according to Google. This update unlike Panda is an all languages update so will be deployed globally. So what happens if you have been walloped by the Penguin? Danny Sullivan has written a post over on Search Engine Land entitled Google Penguin update tips and advice read it here.

As this isn’t the first and most definitly wont be the last on this topic, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or any penalties that have been spotted.