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Apple iPad iOS4 Coming Soon, Well November | iPad Review

Ok so I recently splashed put an an iPad. I thought about which model to get and weighed up the pro’s and cons between the wifi an the wifi+3G option.

I had already decided on. 32gb model at this point.

Firstly I considered the 3G model for the web browsing, it would be good on the road at friends houses with no wifi etc but i also thought is it worth an additional £100?

I the looked into the cost of getting mobile broadband but not many options to connect to the iPad without wifi. After my research I found a mifi option with Three mobile for £69 with 3gb of data usage over 3 months. And £10 per 1gb to top up thereafter.

So decision was made get the 32gb wifi iPad and the mifi modem to surf the web. Saving me £21 and also a 3% cashback via quidco.

So after waiting for the iPad to arrive of course the courier service used left a calling card “sorry we missed you blah blah…..” so a trip to UPS Eccles to collect followed that evening.

So now I am the owner of a shiny new 32gb iPad, let the fun begin!

The OS of current models is 3.1 so no multitasking, folders et al at present but Apple have announced iOS 4.2 is coming in November and developers have already got their hands on it.

Ciao for now