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Google TV

Google TV Set for UK Launch with Sony Partnership

Google are finally launching Google TV in the UK, it’s been a long time coming and set-top boxes made by Sony will be available in UK stores from 16 July, prices starting at £200.

What is Google TV (If you don’t already know)?

Google TV allows you to surf the internet, play games and watch videos through your TV using Android software giving easy access to Chrome, Play and YouTube.

Set-top Boxes

There will be 2 boxes on offer, an internet player (£200) and a an integrated Blu-Ray player (£300), the latter will be available in October. Both feature an internet remote which doubles up with a QWERTY keyboard on the reverse.

Battle with Apple

So how is this different from Apple TV which is half the price? Google TV brings the full internet to your screen so you can email as well as surf the web, Google TV is based on their Android software which power millions of smart phones. The software will enable you to switch between online apps and live TV.

Will it be a hit?

There have been struggles in the US for Google after the launch in 2010, Logitech partnered with them and lost millions as customers returned the products in there droves. So will it be a hit in the UK?

I’m interested in trying but at £200 seems a bit steep when you have internet features via PS3 or internet enabled devices such as the BDP-S185. Albeit more limited in their internet capability still makes me wonder is it worth it, perhaps for live tweeting whilst watching live events such as Eurovsion, tbh it make that pile of old donkey more interesting.