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Panda 4.0 Rolls Out

Matt Cutts tweeted confirmation of Google rolling out Panda 4.0 update. US based at present.

The Panda algorithm was released in February 2011 to target sites with low quality content and has been updated over time.

You can view the change history of Panda thanks to Moz.

What 4.0 will bring will be interesting to see. If you’re seeing any changes then add your comments for discussion.

Google May Day Update Affects Long Tail Search Queries

A new algorithmic change has been implemented by Google, affectionately know as the May Day update as it happened around 1st May 2010. Matt Cutts explains that the change is not temporary and the update is looking to improve the quality of the SERP’s that is effecting long tail terms opposed to the head of searches.

Cutts explains that this update is independent to Google Caffeine which is preceding at pace. The update is assessing which sites are the best match for long tail queries. No human involvement in this update and it is purely algorithmic.

Is your SEO affected?

Think about your site, do you have a high quality site, good content and make sure that your site can be viewed as an authority for the search query so not matching off topic queries.

Watch the full video below: