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Google "kaffein" Caffeine now live, or just an April fool?

Call me a cynic but after all the excitement of Google Caffeine update last year is this now live or an April fools joke?

The online world is buzzing about the renamed update going live, kaffein, the German spelling of caffeine, renamed due to Mormons dietry requirements this caused a little bit of upset back in ’09 as Search Engine Roundtable posted.

So with the update now “live” what are SEO’s seeing today?

There are over 100k results and you may notice Google’s search results pages use some interesting units of measurements to estimate how long it took them to obtain your search query: femtogalactic years was used in my search for Google kaffein.

My sceptic mind thinks this is a good old April fool’s joke but i will be watching on to see if it is or not.

Ciao for now!