Majestic SEO Site Comparator Tool – Updated

The Majestic SEO site comparator tool is very useful to identify the key link metrics of up to 5 domains so you can see the link data for your own site vs. another or for link prospecting and competitor research. The current report generates the data is as displayed in a simple data format: majestic-seo-site-comparator As a BETA tester, I have been privileged enough to see the forthcoming changes that Majestic  SEO are making. They have made the visual of the report stand out by adding bar charts for each metric that highlights the highest number of each link metric on display: majestic-seo-site-comparator-beta


The site comparator tool has now been revamped and live – View the blog post on the release .

Watch the Site Comparator Tool training video

Watch the training video to find out how to use the tool in more detail.

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