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Just Host, Just Don’t! My Just Host Review

UPDATE: 8th December 2012

Well it’s another year on and on the day of expiration of my account that had so many issues last year, Just Host are at it again!

Now correct me if i’m wrong does this screenshot from account management screen say due to expire on 8th December 2012?

 Well, i then went into my cPanel to backup and move away my files and low and behold, my account is suspended, NOT AGAIN!

Raised a ticket but as per last time it’s a weekend so probably no answer on this until they delete my files.

Thanks again Just Host, crappy service again!



Ok i don’t usually complain publicly about bad experiences with companies but for Just Host this will be a massive exception!

Roll back 12 months, created an account with Just Host to host a number of sites for both myself and clients of my web design business and as of the 9th December 2011 no issues at all.

My domain was up for renewal on the 8th and the auto PayPal subscription didn’t work so i logged into my Just Host account and paid the subscription, site still working fine.

9th December my site goes down, now no problem at first as i understand the domain may have slipped through the renewal net but having received a payment notification email through all good.


Just Host’s “automatic domain holding page” gets switched on leaving my site down. So i see that they have 24/7 technical support which i raise a ticket to and subsequently call Just Host to raise the problem.

Just Host - Problem 1

Just Host apparant 24/7 tech support

Now i’m speaking to Just Host on the phone and whilst the technician was polite he then advised i call billing as they will be able to switch off the Just Host holding page affiliate cash generating page at my expense.

I re-dial and Just Host billing is closed, ok support are in the USA so time difference a factor here, i then call back 3 hours later and to my shock and horror, billing are closed on a weekend!

I then speak to support at Just Host and ask what they will do about it and the technical support say they can’t do anything about it until billing open up on Monday!

I then re-raise my Just Host support ticket to make sure they have it in their inbox to action

Now Monday comes, site down for over 72 hours, Google have now removed me from the SERP’s for my brand terms for my site and i receive an email:

Just Host Support email

Just Host Support email

Just Host apologise and basically they will refund me my hosting costs. Fine, but i now have to backup all the sites on my account and move them to my new preferred host – Vidahost.

I am now going to formally complain at the poor experience with Just Host and the time it has taken for my site to be re-instated and loss of potential bsuiness.

Updates to follow.

Just Host? Just Don’t!

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2 thoughts on “Just Host – Just Don’t! – Just Host Review”

  1. Some harsh lessons learned there Paul; rule number 1 is never host anywhere but you’re own country; not just for SEO reasons but for support ones too. The US is cheaper for hosting but it brings with it a lot of pain generally and the time difference is rarely friendly.

    I’m sure there are exceptions to this and are actually good US hosts that are cheap but for me you get what you pay for. I require decent up-time, someone who’s accountable and most importantly available when I need to email or ring.

    I’ve only ever found one amazing host in the UK who I’ve used for years now and that Catalyst2 (www.catalyst2.com). Their service whilst not the cheapest is the best in the UK in my opinion and I’ve been through all the other pretenders who are neither flexible or reliable.

    Give them a go if Vidahost don’t tick your boxes!

    1. Cheers Tim, yes i now, all was well over 12 months ago when looking for basic hosting and unfortunately their downfall was a cock up on the domain renewal, i had already been in the process of moving my other sites away from them and this was the last one :-(

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