guaranteed page one results

SEO's that offer "guaranteed page one results" Run a mile!

guaranteed page one results

After conducting some research for SEO companies as a project, it seems like there are some dodgy SEO’s out there that claim to be able to “guaranteed page one results in Google”

Absolute bull! If you are approached by such a company/individual then as the title says, run a mile! You may hear things like:

We have a relationship with Google

We can prioritise submission to Google

We can guarantee ANY search term will reach Page 1 of Google

It really boils my blood to hear and even see these statements, i have had the joy of rescuing an SEO campaign from one of the “guaranteed page one” companies.

SEO as a practice is not a set your campaign up and leave it, SEO requires constant work to maintain and grow rankings and for a quality service the likes of the £50 per month scam artists needs to be looked at in great deal before deciding this is right for your business.

Google themselves have their own SEO guidelines that states “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”

I have been working on SEO campaigns for 3 plus years and still gets under my skin seeing these modern day Dick Turpin’s operating.

So in short, don’t trust ANY company or person that offers “guaranteed page one results“!

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