Don't know how to create iPhone Screenshots?

I recently received an iPhone at work and whilst playing around on the internet looking for apps and so on, i have seen many screen grabs of the phone in use, so i wondered how do you do that?

There is a built in feature on the iPhone, but it must be running the 2.0 firmware or above to be able to take screenshots.

Taking the screenshot:

Navigate the iPhone to the screen you want to create an image of.

While holding the Home button, press and release the Sleep/Wake buttonYour screen will flash letting you know that the screenshot was taken.

Navigate to your Camera Roll library (Photos)

The most recent image should be the screencapture you just created

That’s it! I didn’t stumble across this on my own. Credit goes to Make Magazine & On a Mac.

This is a sample of the screenshot of the home page of my iPhone.


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