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10 fold increase in UK Twitter traffic

Recent stats from Hitwise are showing that over the last year UK internet traffic to the most talked about website at present, Twitter, has increased 10-fold.

As one of the fastest growing websites in the UK, the stats produced by Hitwise are mearly just the traffic to the main site suggest. With the many ways to access Twitter from the simple web interface, mobile phones to third party applications such as Twitterfon, Twitterfox, Twitterfeed and more.

Twitter for those who don’t know it it’s all about (where have you been) is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows registered users (tweeple) to send and read updates from other users’ updates also know as a tweet, using text based posts, the post has a 140 character limit.

The update is displayed in the users profile page and can also be seen by users that follow that user in your twitstream.

Twitter has become an addiction or users can be referred to as twaddicts (more twitter related words available at the Twittonary) as the amount of time people spend on Twitter has trebled from ~10 minutes to half an hour.

At present the user with the most tweeple following them is the newly elected US President, Barack Obama, at time of writing he has over 140,000 followers. Other celebrities know on Twitter are Stephen Fry (>50,000), John Cleese (>30,000) and Jonathan Ross (>13,000).

Wossy has used his account to communicate with his followers since his suspension from the BBC and is using the service to validate bogus accounts created to impersonate real life celebrities. He has also revealed that he will mention Twitter on his comeback show which has Stephen Fry as a guest, which airs on the 23rd.

There are a host of useful Twitter related resources to find information; I have listed a few of my favourites:

· Twitterfox – Firefox Plugin

· Twitterfon – iPhone App

· TwitterCounter

· Twitter Search

· Twitpic

More can be found at Traffikd.

As far as optimising for Twitter, there is a 5 steps to Twitter success guide on SEOptimise which is a useful read.

So enough tweeting from me for now, feel free to drop by for more twambles from me in the future and don’t forget to follow me @d3l80y!