Paul Delaney

As a newbie to SEO, I began my journey in March 2008 after leaving a successful role of growing an online travel agency to pursue a career in online marketing.

My programming skills started of very basic in WYSIWYG HTML after persuading a then skeptical boss to delve into the online world in 2001. We purchased Frontpage and began designing (used loosely!) the company website, from a basic website to a thriving online presence with turnover of £2m plus.

Since those dark days of basic HTML I now have a great understanding of a range of programming languages ranging from classic ASP, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and soon adding ASP.net to the bow.

Previous online marketing roles have included in-house PPC and  SEO implementation whilst at the travel agency.

My non web related interests include sport of which i am fan of football especially the newly crowned world club champions Manchester United! And golf which i am not that good at but everyone loves a trier right?

I also enjoy playing console games especially Pro Evolution Soccer Fifa 12 on the PS2 PS3 of which i am not that bad at. Also own a Nintendo Wii which is always a good source of drunken entertainment!

That’s it for now.



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